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You Must Be This Tall (Theme Park Adventures: Book One)

You Must Be This Tall (Theme Park Adventures: Book One)

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Welcome to America the Beautiful Theme Park.

America the Beautiful: families come here to vacation; college students come here to get work credit and escape exams for a semester; middle-aged adults come here to soak up the nostalgia of their childhood trips. Most people go home; some people stay.

They all have reasons for being here. Tabby, because America the Beautiful's themed world offers the perfection her evangelical upbringing told her wasn't possible in this sinful world. Antonia, because it's the first place where her hungry childhood feels like ancient history. Nick, because creating his own content could make him an Internet star. Nate, because it's the only culture where he's ever felt he belonged. And Martin, because he's holding onto the memories of what he had here once.

With a shared mythology their only link, the employees and fans of America the Beautiful find their lives tangle in unexpected ways--proving that a theme park isn't just for kids...and it can be a very adult place.

Written by a theme park veteran, You Must Be This Tall is the perfect read for fans of Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and other theme parks around the world. If you ever wanted a peek behind the curtain of your favorite vacation destination, welcome to America the Beautiful -- and enjoy your stay!

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Customer Reviews

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Emma Gooden

Natalie does an amazing job creating a theme park. I can imagine every place in the book because of the detail she puts in. There are unexpected plot twists that keep you guessing as to how things are going to end. Highly recommend!

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