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The Project Horse (Ocala Horse Girls: Book One)

The Project Horse (Ocala Horse Girls: Book One)

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Horses are always a puzzle Posey can figure out. Love and life? Now, those pose a challenge. Read an equestrian romance with an authentic horse racing setting from award-winning author, Natalie Keller Reinert, in The Project Horse. Book One of a new series, Ocala Horse Girls!

Posey Malone is heading home. With her horse trainer father gone to the great bookmaker in the sky, her love life in shambles, and her career as a copywriter low-income at best, she figures it’s best for everyone if she just shacks up with her mother for a while. Abandoning New York City for the wilds of north Florida won’t be easy, but Posey figures she can use some quiet time back in her old bedroom to save money, help her mom adjust to life without her dad, and get her head on straight again.

So when she pulls up in front of the family house and sees a big "For Sale" sign in the front yard, please forgive Posey if she says a few swear words.

Mom has a new place to work and live, and Posey has little choice but to tag along after her. Unfortunately, this means she's thrust back into the thick of the Ocala rivalries which chased her away from home eight years ago. Namely: Adam Salazar. The son of her father's ex-partner, Adam made her life a living hell as a teenager. One could almost say Adam broke up her entire family, if one wanted to blame someone. And Posey 
definitely wants to blame someone.

Determined to show Adam up, Posey takes on a failed racehorse as her project horse. She'll prove she's a better trainer than he is, and save some pride in the process. But when Adam takes Posey's bet and starts training a project horse of his own, she finds herself spending more time than she anticipated with her arch-nemesis . . . and that the arrogant boy she remembers has been replaced by a handsome man who is determined to make amends.

A story about growing up, coming home, and finding love: 
The Project Horse will take you on a gallop through Florida's horse country with plenty of friendship, laughter, and redemption along the way.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Another awesome book

Just couldn’t put it down! Luckily I read it on holidays 🤣 I can’t wait for the next one to come out!!!! Please keep writing!!!

Fantastic story about real horse things.

I have an ottb and absolutely love racing. This book had a great story line throughout m.

Nicole Joli

Really love the new series. Posey is very relatable.

Fun new characters and great new story line

I am a huge Natalie Keller Reinheart fan, and this first book in her new series doesn’t let you down. Great characters with cameos from some of your favorites from other series makes for a great read. I’m looking forward to the development of these new characters as the series continues. I think it’s going to be addicting (in a good way!)

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