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Show Barn Blues (Show Barn Blues Book One)

Show Barn Blues (Show Barn Blues Book One)

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Saddle up and ride with a mature woman who is willing to fight for what she loves.

After dedicating decades of her life to training horses and riders, Grace Carter is facing the greatest challenge of her career. Her beautiful farm, Seabreeze Equestrian Center, used to sit in the heart of horse country. But now, the last of her neighbors is selling up . . . and developers are knocking on her door, eager to turn her slice of old Florida into a tourist haven.

To make matters worse, her newest boarder is stirring up trouble in the barn. Kennedy Phillips is everything Grace doesn't want in a client - a wide-eyed young woman who would rather wander with her horse in the woods than tackle a show-jumping course. And her carefree spirit is finding an eager audience amongst Grace's dedicated students. When they start canceling riding lessons to hit the trails, Grace's confidence begins to waver. Could this really be the end of Seabreeze Equestrian Center?

But Grace didn't make it this far in the horse business to give up now. She's not going down without a fight. Grace is determined to save Seabreeze, her family home, and the business she's built for herself - even when the wilderness itself seems to fight back.

With unlikely friendships, late in life challenges, and a lead character with grit and enduring spirit, Show Barn Blues invites readers to discover the Florida they never knew existed.

Readers say: "Delightfully addictive barn drama." -

"Having worked in the horse industry over twenty years I absolutely feel like I’ve known several women like Grace." - Amazon review

"I loved the storyline, showing the drive to hold on to your dream in spite of all adversity, with nothing but sheer determination. Great read for a relaxing weekend." - Amazon review

"Grace is an endearing and relatable character." - Barnes & Noble review

Show Barn Blues is part of the Florida Equestrian Collection, which includes:

The Eventing Series
The Alex & Alexander Series
The Grabbing Mane Series
The Show Barn Blues Series
The Sea Horse Ranch Series
The Briar Hill Farm Series

These novels include overlapping characters, events, and locales which create a community of equestrians you'll love recognizing and catching up with in each book!

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Customer Reviews

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Samuel C Chuang
Another fine read

Actually, this is David Goldstein. Samuel is my non-horsey spouse.

It was a bit slow to get into this novel. Since I love this talented author, I hung into the story, and wouldn't you know, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. It was morose at times, but essential to the storyline, and mde this an excellent read. Congrats Ms Reinert.

Apologies for any typos, I broke my dominant arm, and am typing, badly with one finger.

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