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Runaway Alex (Alex & Alexander: Book One)

Runaway Alex (Alex & Alexander: Book One)

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A coming-of-age story with a feisty protagonist, and an unlikely romance!

Horse racing isn’t for nice girls like Alex. She’s been told again and again: stick to horse shows, stick to riding lessons, stick to the relative safety of the suburban equestrian center where she has been a working student since grade school.

But Alex can’t shake the conviction that the Thoroughbred life is her destiny.

When her unstable trainer cuts her off from horses, Alex finally has to obey her instinct to run away from the safe version of life. She heads to Ocala, where horse racing is king, with no plan and no leads on jobs. When she meets handsome, successful racehorse trainer Alexander White, she feels an instant connection with him. Could this be her dream come true?

Falling for Alexander and learning to stay on young racehorses all at once: that’s risky business. But it’s a risk Alex is willing to take — until a storm of emotion threatens to founder her new life. Nothing at Alexander’s gorgeous Thoroughbred farm is as simple as it seems, and she’s not the only one lining up for Alexander’s affection — or his horses.

How many times will Alex obey her urge to run away when things get too real? And what happens to her dreams if she can’t stay the course?

The Alex & Alexander Series

Book One: Runaway Alex
Book Two: The Head and Not The Heart: A Novella
Book Three: Other People's Horses
Book Four: Claiming Christmas
Book Five: Turning for Home

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