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Friends With Horses (Briar Hill Farm: Book Two)

Friends With Horses (Briar Hill Farm: Book Two)

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We can choose our friends. But we can't choose their horses...

When Grace Carter (Show Barn Blues) finds herself helping a friend in need, she turns to the Briar Hill Farm gang for help. As a summer oasis, Briar Hill sounds ideal: shade trees, breezes, and not too many boarders to stir things up. But Grace's old friend Suzie isn't winning any prizes for world's best farm guest. And neither is her horse, Gaucho.

While Grace is trying to contain Suzie at Briar Hill Farm, Alex Whitehall is dealing with a surprise guest of her own. She knows she was never cut out for motherhood, so how is she supposed to handle Alexander's niece for an entire summer? Better hope the girl likes horses...

Meanwhile, Pete and Jules are dealing with new horse drama. Pete's new horse is stirring up trouble, right as Jules is doubling down on her efforts to make a huge return to the eventing scene. Pete is certain he can unlock the key to this unhappy horse's athletic potential, but Jules thinks he's wasting his time...and causing a distraction to her horses.

Return to Briar Hill Farm for another horse-filled adventure in Florida! Friends With Horses continues the sagas begun in Natalie Keller Reinert’s popular Ocala Equestrians Collection, including The Eventing Series, The Alex & Alexander Series, Show Barn Blues, Ocala Horse Girls, and more. Start reading with any of these series or Foaling Season, Book One of Briar Hill Farm, and find out why Natalie Keller Reinert is a bestselling writer of equestrian fiction!

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Washtock
Friends With Horses

When Grace’s summer plans go awry she and an old friend come to stay at Briar Hills farm for an extended vacation… The only problem is that she gets bored very quickly and starts to make “helpful suggestions” on improving how the riding co-op should be run and on how others should be riding their horses. Because she is older than Jules and Pete and has coached Jules in the past, Jules feels intimidated and others feel that Grace is judgemental and stepping on toes.

Jules has finally returned to riding and giving lessons at the co-op and is preparing for her re-entry into the world of competitive eventing. Pete finds himself with only a small string of horses and worries that the New Briar Hill farm could fail financially and they could lose their new farm, as they they did the first Briar Hill Farm.

By the end of the summer everyone will find out whether Grace’s vacation at Briar Hill will end in the loss of friendship, or if three alpha females like Grace, Jules and Alex can come to a new understanding.

I received an advance copy of Friends With Horses (though I ordered it also;), but it in no way effected my review. I have read all of Natalie’s book and have loved them all. I really enjoyed the continued story of Pete, Jules and friends and was happy that Jules got past her postpartum depression and was finally ready to return to competition. Though she could have decided to become a full time mom and coach, at the core of who she is Jules is a competitor who wants to be the best. It was good to see her find that part of herself again in Friends With Horses and I look forward to seeing how far she goes in the next book.

Lauren R Giannini

Wow Natalie Keller Reinert has hit this one out of the ball park - she juggles four of her best characters to tell their stories first-person in chapter rotations—Grace, Alex, Pete, Jules—until chapter thirty-two when Lacey has her moments of truth.

It’s summertime in Florida and the heat is on. Grace, who trained young and headstrong (understatement of the century!) Jules, is at loose ends for the summer. She brings her wonderful schoolmaster stallion and a friend with personal problems as well as a very stallion, but eventually Grace helps everyone to achieve their best in the sandbox - and possibly out of it - at a big event.

Alex wants to move up to training after years at novice level and learns she’s actually pretty good with the teenaged niece of her British husband…

Pete, newly published author of a dressage book, buys a gorgeous jumper even though the stallion has a bad reputation, and proves they are both keepers. Plus, Pete wins this reader’s heart… lol! Oh I wish!!!!

Jules is Jules - back on course to tackle the upper levels of eventing where the cross-country poses inherent risks to life and limb…

Then there’s Lacey, outstanding barn manager, who contributes her snarky yet loyal point of view…

Recommended for kids of all ages!

Outstanding storytelling, style, character development, and in depth knowledge of the horse world.

I received an ARC copy of Friends With Horses from NKR and BookFunnel and I am thrilled to post a glowing review. I can barely wait for the next one: Outside Rein!

Friends With Horses is a winner!
But don’t take my word for it - read Friends With Horses for yourself.

If, by chance you haven’t read the first Briar Hill Farm saga, Foaling Season, please do. Foaling Season offers great insight into the mind of talented equestrian Jules, who must deal with all the ups and downs of first-time motherhood and the conflict of brand new maternal instincts with huge ambitions in three-day eventing. Her thoughts and actions receive brilliant handling by Keller Reinert.

Jan Sheets
Like a good family reunion

Eagerly anticipated, "Friends with Horses" does not disappoint. The author has taken all of my favorite characters from multiple series' of books and interwoven them with grace, humor and as usual, interesting little twists. Written with chapters in the different characters "voice", she maintains they uniqueness yet blends them all together seamlessly. And it goes without saying, the book is absolutely correct in its "horse facts", never causing the reader irritation at an obvious mistake as so often happens in a horse-based novel.

A really lovely book. Can hardly wait for the next one in the series to see where she leads us.

It’s a winner!

Summer at Briar Hill Farm unfolds through the revolving viewpoints of Grace, Jules, Pete, Alex. Grace, who had the ‘privilege’ of training a younger Jules in dressage, has an unexpectedly free summer and an old friend in crisis. Pete has just purchased a difficult stallion that is unsettling the horses -and people- at Briar Hill Farm. Alex is determined to move up to Training level and isn’t at all sure how to handle the arrival of Alexander’s 15-year-old niece for the summer. Jules is determined that the new farm, new baby, and changed body won’t stop her from returning to the top of her sport. Reinert weaves a compelling tale of relationships and horses in this second outing for Briar Hill Farm. I especially enjoyed the combination of characters and the realistic portrayal of life with horses. Highly recommended.

Thanks to the Author and BookFunnel for a review copy. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wendy Connolly
Finding yourself again

Everyone is finding their new 'normal' in this book. Jules is getting back into competitive eventing after being grounded almost a year having a baby. Pete is adjusting to spending all his time at the new Briar Hill Farm, launching a book, and rebuilding his own training brand. Grace is reuniting with her childhood best friend. Alex is spending the summer with her in-laws' The eventing co-op teens are learning to become responsible young adults.

There is so much happening in the Florida horse community in this book. It is a story you can read again and again, and you will find something new every time. That's a big thing for me; I love that! I also love the way all the characters grow during this book. Every character grows different facets of their personality, unique to their stage of life.

I received an ARC copy of this story from the author via BookFunnel and voluntarily chose to share my review.

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