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Forward (The Eventing Series: Book 5)

Forward (The Eventing Series: Book 5)

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Jules the riding instructor. It’s not exactly what she expected out of her career, but things are going fine, and it’s better than living in a horse trailer, right?

Most of the time, sure.

But the cracks begin to show as the eventing season winds up and summer sets in across Florida. Pete’s new horse has an overbearing owner who is pressuring him into pushing the horse too fast. Dynamo suddenly seems to be showing his age on the cross-country course. And how on earth is Jules supposed to manage a barn, a dozen kids, and her own competition schedule?

She’ll need some help from old friends — and maybe some old enemies, too — but Jules is going to keep moving forward, no matter what. From the pine plantations of north Florida to the skyscraper shadows of the Central Park Horse Show, Forward is all about chasing dreams, wherever they may lead.

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Customer Reviews

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Laura Holt-Haslam
Possibly my favorite of the series, so far!

This might be my favorite in the Eventing Series, so far! I loved seeing Jules grow and mature as a teacher, rider, and partner. As Pete wrestled with his personal issues, I found myself more and more sympathetic toward Jules, who must juggle not only her challenging schedule but also Pete's moodiness and growing detachment. I loved the riding students, and their horses, too. And... go Dynamo!

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The Eventing Series is one of the bestselling equestrian fiction series of the past ten years! Mentioned in Horse Illustrated, Horse & Style, and more.

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