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The Eventing Series Starter Set: Bold & Ambition - Website Exclusive!

The Eventing Series Starter Set: Bold & Ambition - Website Exclusive!

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Start the bestselling Eventing Series with an exclusive ebook featuring Bold and Ambition in one edition! 

Join Jules Thornton, a hot-headed young trainer with stardom on her mind. When Jules enters the equestrian community of Ocala, Florida, she thinks there's nothing standing between her and eventing fame...besides a lack of money. 

But what Jules has to learn goes beyond training horses or managing clients. She has to learn to embrace her own emotions, accept her own vulnerability, and accept help from people who love her. From her modest early days struggling to run her first barn, to her eventual blossoming as a beloved trainer, Jules Thornton will keep you laughing, sighing, and rooting for her all the way to the finish!

Start The Eventing Series now, a rollicking seven-book series that will keep you fascinated from starting box to finish line, as Jules journeys to become not just a better horsewoman, but a better human.

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The Eventing Series is one of the bestselling equestrian fiction series of the past ten years! Mentioned in Horse Illustrated, Horse & Style, and more.

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