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Foaling Season (Briar Hill Farm: Book One)

Foaling Season (Briar Hill Farm: Book One)

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Begin the new series by bestselling equestrian fiction author Natalie Keller Reinert. Featuring beloved characters from The Eventing Series, Alex & Alexander, and more!

Briar Hill Farm

In a hidden corner of rural Florida, there’s a place where gleaming horses graze on green pastures, a round pool of clear water shimmers with the brilliance of a blue diamond, and majestic live oaks stretch their tangled branches over an old white cottage. A place where friends gather, children play, and riding skills are honed. A place which feels like a lifetime in the making for the people who have made it their home. This is Briar Hill Farm.

This is foaling season.

Spring is a time for renewal…and in horse country, it’s a season of late nights, early mornings, and fresh beginnings. At Briar Hill Farm, professional event rider Jules Thornton-Morrison knows a thing or two about starting all over again. But getting back in the saddle after having a child is an emotional battle she can’t fight on her own. Fortunately, Jules has friends at her back.

There’s Alex Whitehall, half of a legendary horse-racing duo who is hoping to carve out her own identity with Jules’s help. There’s Kit Parker, accidental eventing prodigy, who is struggling under the weight of her rise to the international competition arena before she was ready to take it all on. And there’s Gigi Whitehall-Wallace, a whirlwind of nervous energy who comes to Florida’s horse country in search of a happy ending she can’t seem to define yet. Together, they can make their dreams a reality — if old rivalries and prejudices don’t split their unlikely group apart.

Along with the students, employees, and friends of Briar Hill Farm, these women will come together for one tumultuous spring in horse country. It’s foaling season in Florida, and fresh starts and new lives are spilling into riotous existence.

Briar Hill Farm is a new series featuring characters and settings from beloved novels by Natalie Keller Reinert in the Ocala Equestrians collection. These include The Eventing Series, Alex & Alexander Series, the Show Barn Blues Series, and more. You can read these books in companion with this series or enjoy each series individually.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Washtock
Fantastic Read!

Foaling Season is the first book in the Briar Hill Farm trilogy, which follows Jules and Pete at their new farm and into the next chapter of their lives as first time parents. With the birth of her child, Jules re-evaluates her life and her goals and has to decide whether motherhood will take her in a different direction, away from eventing and coaching.

The author injects Alex (from the Alex and Alexander Series) into the Briar Hill mix as she rekindles her love of showing horses and trains with her friend Jules. We get to see Alex away from the race track and her husband Alexander's Cousin Gigi comes to town, creating chaos and clashing with Jules as only Gigi can. The author also takes Kit, a more peripheral character from the Eventing Series and gives her bigger role in Foaling Season as she struggles to continue as a top eventing rider who struggles without sponsorship. As I read the book I became invested in her story and began to care more about her life, struggles, future and dreams. I can't wait to read further books in this series!

A first time reader can read this book and enjoy it as a stand alone novel, but my bet is that after reading it they will want to go back to read the Eventing and Alex and Alexander series for the rich character backgrounds they provide.

Note* I received a free copy of this book to review before it was released (I was to eager to read it and couldn't wait until the July 26th release date!). Receiving the book early in no way influenced this review.

All of your favorite characters swirled into one book!

Omg love love loved this! All of my favorite characters (and probably yours too if you’ve ever read any of Natalie Keller Reinheart’s other books) all swirled into one book. Each character has their turn narrating giving each of them a voice and viewpoint of each other and the events going on. I can’t wait for the next book(s) in this series! Genius concept and as always amazing writing.

Binge a favorite series!

The Eventing Series is one of the bestselling equestrian fiction series of the past ten years! Mentioned in Horse Illustrated, Horse & Style, and more.

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